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👠 LadyBoss TIP – Never Pitch Or Sell Your Business Opportunity.

People do not want to be sold. Focus on helping others with their business or finding a solution to their problem.

For example, if you know someone that struggles with their current job and wants more time freedom to spend with their children, offer them a chance to build a business and work from home.

Focus on others’ needs and not yours and you will make more sales!

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Bulletproof Your Income!

What if you started building an MLM business, and then your company went belly-up? Don’t laugh – it has happened to many, many people in this business.

What would you do?

Would you have to start over from scratch?

Well – NOT if you have strong trusting relationships with your people! If you have taken the time and made the effort to build that steel-ribbed “know, like, & trust,” then your people will stick with you.

They will follow you to your next company.

They will trust in your judgment.

If you haven’t built those relationships, your future is very much in doubt. Why take that chance? As you build your team, work hard at getting close to every person in your group.

That strategy will pay off for you big-time, whether your current company is around forever or not.

I can help you learn and apply this principle.

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